Wear Your  as You Use  Web Resources to Learn About Flipbooks, Claymation, and Animation

The following sites allow you to create or look at online flipbooks:

  • Post-It Theater - this site features flipbooks that were created using post-it notes
  • Fipbook - this Web 2.0 site allows users to create online flipbooks. Feel free to to flip through user samples. Here is link to my favorite flipbook.
  • Flippies - this commercial site is trying to sell flipbooks, but it does include a movie that shows how a flipbook works.  The site also includes a brief history of flip books.
  • Fliptomania - this is another commercial site that allows you to see flipbooks in action (this site changes a lot; you may have to explore the site to view the flipbooks)

The following sites show examples of Claymation:

The following links will help you create your props and clay figures:

You can visit and explore the following links on your own time: