• Recipes to Good Writing - a checklist, biographical research form, and biography recipe card.
  • Biography application Form (pdf file) - As students initially explore biography web sites they can complete this application form that describes why they would like to select a particular person to study and write about.
  • Biography Form (pdf file) - a form younger students can use to research a person.
  • Quote Form (pdf file) - a form to help students keep track of quotes during the research process.
  • Quote Template (zip file) - Publish 2003 (or higher) must be loaded on your computer to use this template.
  • Timeline form (pdf file) - form to keep track of the special events in a person's life.
  • Vocabulary form (pdf file) - a form to write down any words students do not know during the research process.
  • Kidspiration Biography Template (zip file) - Please note: You must have Kidspiration loaded on your computer to use this template. Click here to view template in .pdf format.
  • Biography Poem Template (zip file) - This template will only work if you have Microsoft Word 2000 or 2003 on your computer.
  • Excel Biography Timeline Template (zip file) - This file is an Excel Template. You must have Excel loaded on your computer to use this template.
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