Teacher Resources

    Health Teacher Barbara McDowell and designed and used this webquest with middle school health students, but I feel it could also be used in lower grade levels.

    The New York State Standards associated with this WebQuest include:

    • ELA 1E - Listening and Reading: Select information appropriate to the purpose of their investigation and relate ideas from one text to another
    • ELA 1E - Listening and Reading: Make appropriate and effective use of strategies to construct meaning from print, such as prior knowledge about a subject, structural and context clues, and an understanding of letter-sound relationships to decode difficult words
    • ELA 1E - Speaking and Writing: Present information clearly in a variety of oral and written forms such as summaries, paraphrases, brief reports, stories, posters, and charts
    • ELA 1E - Speaking and Writing: Include relevant information and exclude extraneous material
    • ELA 1E - Speaking and Writing: Evaluate their own strategies for reading and listening critically (such as recognizing bias or false claims, and understanding the difference between fact and opinion) and adjust those strategies to understand the experience more fully

    Additional Resources you may find helpful include:


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