Julia Alvarez

Born: March 27, 1950

Julia was born in New York City, but her family moved back to the Dominican Republic shortly after she was born. She lived there until she was ten. Then, she and her parents had to flee the Dominican Republic for political reasons. They returned to the United States where Julia attended boarding schools and eventually, college.

When Julia was young she had a lot of trouble passing her English classes. Still, Julia knew she wanted to be a writer. She once said, "I came late into the [English] language but I came early into the [writing] profession. In high school, I fell in love with how words can make you feel complete in a way that I hadn't felt complete since leaving the island. Early on, I fell in love with books, which I didn't have at all growing up." Although Julia considers herself an American, much of her writing involves Latina and American culture.

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