César Chávez
Labor Leader

Born: March 31, 1937 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

César Chávez was born in Yuma, Arizona and named after his grandfather, Cesario. During the Great Depresssion (when César was 10 years old) his family lost their humble farm and joined othermigrant farm workers to make a living. César attended more than 30 different schools before he quit school, at the age of 15, to work full time in the fields.

César served in the Western Pacific following WWII. When he returned home from the Navy he married Helen Fabela. They settled in the East San Jose barrio of Sal Si Puedes and raised eight children. While working in the apricot orchards outside San Jose, César was recruited to work for the CSO, a prominent Latino Civil Rights Group. His stong leadership helped improve work conditions for farm workers.

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