Oscar De La Hoya
Sports Boxer, Olympic Athlete

Born: February 4, 1973

Oscar De La Hoya was born in East Los Angeles, California. Oscar's family had a tradition of boxing and his older brother encouraged Oscar to fight. As a young boy, Oscar did not like fighting, but Oscar's family encouraged him to learn boxing so he could defend himself.

While training at the Eastside Boxing Gym in East L.A. Oscar discovered he had a gift for boxing. He trained very hard and developed a strong left punch. His first true test came when he boxed in the 1992 Olympics. Oscar promised his mother, who was battling cancer, he would bring home the gold medal. He fulfilled his promise. Sadly, his mother died very soon following his Olympic victory. Oscar De La Hoya continued boxing even though he missed his mother. He is considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

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