Donna de Varona
Olympic swimmer, sportscaster, activist

Born: April 26, 1947

Donna was born in San Diego, California. Her goal in life was to swim. At 13,she was the youngest Olympic member of the U.S. team in 1960. Four years later when she swam in the 1964 games she won two gold medals. By the time she was 17 she managed to break 18 world records in swimming and was named the Female Athlete of the Year.

In 1965 ABC hired her as their first female network sportscaster. She won many honors for her swimming and her broadcasting. In 1974 Donna helped found the Women's Sports Foundation, a charitable educational orgainization dedicated to ensuring equal access to participation and leadership opportunities for all girls and women in sports and fitness. Donna is currently married to John Pinto, a lawyer and businessman, and they have two children, John David and Joanna.

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