Diego Rivera
Artists, Painter

Born: December 13, 1886

Diego was born in Guanajuato, Mexico but spent most of his growing years in Mexico City. He attended a Fine Arts school for several years until he was expelled in 1902 for participating in student revolts.

Five years later Diego held his first art exposition. His art work was very popular and the government gave Diego a grant to continue his studies in Spain. Following his extended studies, Diego traveled around Europe and met many artists who influenced his work. Some of the artists that influenced Diego were Picasso and Cezanne. He also studied the work of great Italian artists like Giotta and Michelangelo.

While Diego spent years studying, traveling, and painting Mexico experienced a savage revolution that lasted a decade and devastated his homeland. When the civil wars ended in Mexico Diego was invited to return to Mexico and became involved in the government mural program. He soon became a leading political figure, as well as a prolific painter. He painted 117 fresco paintings that covered 1600 square meters of wall. People felt his paintings helped give Mexico a new identity following the years of war.

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