Ellen Ochoa

Born: May 10, 1958

Ellen was born in Los Angeles, CA, but she considers Le Masa, CA her home. Ellen's father left her home when she was in Junior High. Even though Ellen's mother, Rosanne, found herself raising five children, she stressed the importance of a college education and taught her children that they could succeed with hard work and perseverence. Ellen was a very good student, especially in Math and she loved to play the flute.

Ochoa earned three degrees and performed as an award-winning flutist from 1975 to 1985. She became an astronaut in 1985 and became the first Hispanic woman to be selected for the competitive astronaut corp. By the end of 1999 Ellen had spent almost 720 hours in space and had flown in three space missions. She once said that she liked becoming an astronaut because she had to keep learning new things.

Ellen likes to talk to students and share her love of science and math. She often tells students that her mother was a very good role model and she tries to be a good role model to her young son. Ellen Ocha believes that, "Education is what allows you to stand out."

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