George Lopez
Comedian, Actor

Born: April 23, 1963

George was born in Mission Hills, California. His father left the family when George was two so he and his mother moved in with his maternal grandparents. When George's mother remarried eight years later she chose to leave him with his grandparents as she built a new life with her second husband. George did not have a very happy childhood. He never celebrated his birthday and still cannot find a photograph of himself when he was a baby. Later in his life, George told a reporter, "It's a form of abuse to not feel important."

Lopez was inspired to be a standup comic when he watched the late Latino comedian Freddie Prinze in the TV show Chico and the Man. His first performance as a standup comedian took place in 1979 on the day he graduated from high school. He was so scared by the experience he chose not to perform for another four years. He worked many odd jobs before he found the courage to perform again.

He met his wife, a Cuban American casting director when he got his first large movie role playing Eddie in the 1990 film Ski Patrol. George gained the respect of many people as he continued to perform film roles and standup comedy. One of his fans, actress Sandra Bullock approached George following one of his performances and asked him if he would consider developing and performing in a television series. Sandra and George both felt that there were not many Latino performers shown on television. The rest is history so to speak...the George Lopez Show premiered in 2002 and is still a popular television show.

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