Phase One - Research!

Today you are a reporter for the newspaper or the radio station--you decide!

Your assignment will be to write an informative announcement about Red Ribbon Week and SADD. You will write an article for the newspaper or a service announcement for the radio.
  • Take notes and plan to keep your report/announcement between 40-75 words. Remember we are counting on you to educate the public about the importance of SADD and Red Ribbon Week!
  • Go to the Resource Page where you will find links that will take you to information that will help you research your news article.

  • After you have researched what SADD means and what Red Ribbon means you will write a 40-75 word announcement/report in your journal (if you would rather type it on the computer you may).
Check with your editor to get your next assignment (your teacher will assign you a drug to research).
  • You can take notes about the drug using the Fact/Fiction Graphic Organizer provided by your teacher.

  • You should be able to find all the information you need to create your info-mercial and poster if you use your time wisely.
  • Bring your Graphic Organizer to class so you can produce your
    info-mercial!!! (remember a good reporter never forgets his/her notes!)

Phase Two - Produce!

Today you are a Commercial Producer!

  • You will open the PowerPoint template link found at the bottom of this page and input data about the drug you researched yesterday.

  • When you have completed the information please save the PowerPoint to your personal space on the hard drive. Your teacher may ask you to show him/her your PowerPoint or you may have to save Commercial to a shared space. Ask your teacher (editor) to clarify where he/she would like you to turn in your assignment.
  • Your info-mercial will be graded using the rubric found on the Assessment Page.
    If you have time, you can start to sketch out your ideas for a poster.
    You should be able to tell your teacher the theme of your Poster before you leave today. Remember the themes are:
    • Reach for the Stars!
    • I've got Better Things to do than Drugs!
    • Respect Yourself!
    • Walk Away from Drugs!
    • Team Up Againast Drugs!
    • OR you can create your own theme as long as you OK it with your teacher

Phase Three - Create!

Today you are a commercial artist!

Remember this is your chance at FAME. The Top 5 poster designs will be used to create customized t-shirts.
  • You will use PowerPoint to design a poster based on the theme you selected during phase two.

  • Your poster will be posted on this website and judged using the rubric found on the Assessment Page.

  • Judges will be able to view your posters online.

  • We will also incorporate all class posters into a final video that includes neat effects and music.


Your teacher may have already given you copies of worksheets to help you complete different assisgnments. If not, you may find the following worksheets helpful as you organize your information: