Your assignment is two-fold (that means there are two parts).

  • First you will research and learn some information about staying drug free and the harmful effects of drugs. You will use that information to create a Fact/Fiction PowerPoint Slide Commercial (You can read more details about that in the process section.)

  • Second, you will design a poster in PowerPoint. You can work with a partner or work alone. Your poster needs to inspire other middle school students (and younger students) to be drug-free. It must be developed using information from the resource section and one of the following themes:

    • Reach for the Stars!
    • I've got Better Things to do than Drugs!
    • Respect Yourself!
    • Walk Away from Drugs!
    • Team Up Againast Drugs!
    • You can select another theme if you wish, but you must have the theme pre-approved by your teacher before you begin to design your poster.

The winning posters will be judged by members of the community and faculty members in our district. The top five poster designs will be used for T-shirt designs! Just think your poster could be used to create a designer shirt!

Fame could be yours!