Ella Grasso
May 10, 1919 - February 5, 1981

Ella Tambussi Grasso was born in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, a town where she would live all her live. Ella was the only child of immigrant parents. She was a devoted Roman Catholic who always took pride in her hard working parents.

Ella worked hard in school and received a scholarship to attend Mt. Holyoke College. When Ella graduated from college she returned to her hometown where she got a job working for the War Manpower Commission and joined the League of Women Voters. Her interest in politics may have started when she joined the League. She became an elected official in the General Assembly and later became Connecticut's secretary of state. From 1970 to 1974 she served in the Congress, but she did not enjoy commuting to Washington and being away from her family. Ella decided she would rather be a politician in her home state of Connecticut. She joined the race to be governor and won the vote. Her win meant that she was the first woman to become a governor of an American state without the help of a husband.

Ella was a popular Governor who was appreciated by ordinary people in her state and elected for a second term. Sadly, Ella was not able to complete her second term as governor because she became ill. She was the popular first elected woman governor of a state and many people missed her when she died of cancer.

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