Juliette Gordon Low
October 31, 1860 - January 17, 1927

Juliette Magill Kinzie Gordon was born the second child of six, into a prominent Southern family in Savannah, Georgia. Juliette's family called her "Daisy." Daisy loved animals and was a very good sculptor and poet. When Daisy was a teenager her parents sent her to the finest boarding schools available. She did well in school and broadened her education by traveling across the United States and Europe.

Daisy had poor hearing in one ear because of a bad ear infection she got when she was 25. Her other ear was damaged in 1886 at her wedding when a grain of rice got lodged in the ear canal; a doctor hurt the nerves in the ear trying to get the rice out which left Daisy totally deaf in that ear. Daisy lived in Britain 19 years with her husband William Mackay "Willy" Low, a British heir. Daisy and Willy were not very happy in their marriage and were in the process of getting a divorce when Willy died suddenly of paralysis in 1905.

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Six years after Willie's death, Daisy met Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the British Boy Scouts. Daisy became very interested in the scouting movement and decided to organize a troop of Girl Guides for poor girls at her estate in Glenlyon, Scotland. She also started two more groups in London. On March 12, 1912, Daisy established the first troop of Girl Guides in the United States in her native town of Savannah, Georgia. People in the United States learned about her troop and started more troops for girls. Daisy was credited with the founding of the Girl Scouts of America in 1920, five years after the organization was made official with the opening of the national headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Daisy spent fifteen years working for the Girl Scouts and devoted money and energy to the Scouting movement. Young girls from many different areas of the United States have learned to appreciate her efforts to make Scouting available for everyone. Daisy died of cancer in 1967, but will long be remembered for starting the Girl Scouts of America.

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