Teacher Resource Sites

Educational Online Resource Sites For Classroom Use

  • Authors' Quest - a webquest designed for middle school students
  • Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss - a site I created as part of our Elementary Seuss celebration
  • Holiday Quest - a quest designed for French and Spanish teachers to help students learn the cultural celebrations centered around the December timeframe
  • Research a New Topic Using Online Tools and Databases - an online site I developed for Elmira City School Elementary Librarians (start the activity by clicking on the student book)
  • Secondary Social Studies Resources Website - a site developed in response to a principal request for staff development training for secondary Social Studies teachers
  • Women in History - a site developed to help teachers introduce diversity during the Month of March to Honor Women's History Month (includes links so that younger students can have the pages read to them)

Online Books

  • A Box of Crayons - an online book created for PreK-2 graders designed to teach tolerance
  • Halloween Counting Book - an online book PreK-2 students can read or listen to relating to Halloween and counting

Sites Used for Trainings I have Developed


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