The material on this page is representative of the work I have developed and facilitated over the years. To date I have developed 150+ online resources for instructional use. Please take time to visit my Farr-Out Links to Learning blog to access my most recent material.

Instructional Technology PlanLong Range Technology Plan

While serving as the Technology Coordinator in Ballston Spa I facilitated the development of a three-year Instructional Technology Plan. After reviewing the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Student Outcomes, the isteNet Standards for Students and Teachers, and the New York State Department Technology Plan we identified four over-arching goals for students, teachers and staff in the district: Digital Literacy, Critical and Innovative Thinking, Collaboration and Problem-Solving, and Systemic Operations.

The plan was driven by a cyclical curriculum-focused ARISE process I developed to incorporate analysis, assessment, research, implementation, integration, staff development, and evaluation. The final verion of the plan was presented to the BOE in district-mandated format and can be viewed when you click on the representative image to the right.

Sample of an Archived Interactive CalendarFarr-Out Links Interactive Calendar

View a sample of the calendar I researched, published and sold to schoools across New York State. Each month featured 500+ annotated resources that were tied to calendar events and the New York State Standards. I took a temporary year off to research and improve the publication and may re-introduce the product in an improved and expanded format in the near future. Please contact me if you would like me to contact you when the product becomes available again.

Integrate to Differentiate

I presented this workshop at the regional and local level. It continues to be popular and well received. During this workshop we explore online resources that educators can use to help students' identify their learning styles and we explore online resources and discuss technology-driven teaching strategies that support differentiated instruction. The resource site developed to compliment the workshop incorporates 100+ references and resouces that teachers can use as they address the diverse needs of their students.

Show 'n Tell With Photo Story 3Show 'n Tell With Photo Story 3

This workshop has been a popular offering in Teacher Centers across the Southertier. I discovered Photo Story 3 while working in Bath Central School District as a Technology Integration Specialist. Students K-12 used the program to develop video stories for their electronic portfolios. A large piece of my grant funded position in Bath involved the implementation of student electronic portfolios. Eight-six percent of the Bath Central School district students in grades K-8 started the portfolio process during the 2 1/2 years I worked in the district.

Resources for Students

In addition to creating trainings and support material for teachers I have created numerous portal sites and reources for students. Click on the various images to the right and below to explore some of the more popular sites I researched, developed, and used while working with students.

Link to Archived Portfolio

Graduate Work

View my archived portfolio for examples of my graduate work and more information about my academic background.

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